Chop, build, improvise, break, escape, cut, trim, defend, improvise, throw. The list is near endless of the things you can do with a proper tomahawk. Founded and run by “a group of incredibly skilled outdoorsmen capable of surviving for years with nothing more than their Tomahawk and a blade of grass,” the company takes inspiration from its flagship product from Peter LaGana, descendant of an Iroquois brave. LaGana demonstrated his 1-lb. wonder to Marine officials back in 1968 for potential use in Vietnam. While it didn’t become standard equipment, some 700 troops bought their own to use over there.

With a head drop-forged from 1060 carbon steel and choice of Dupont Nylon 66 textured or Tennessee flamed and lacquered wood for the handle, it’s a tool that’ll last through tough use. I know this from experience. After many “aggressive” throws they’re still intact. You can even choose one in olive drab green for the authentic 1968 look.

Two bits on the American Tomahawk website stand out: Not made in China and Makes owner cooler than their friends. The former rings true as these fine tools are crafted in Chattanooga, Tenn., and we can certainly agree with the latter. For more info:

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