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The American Heroes Series blends Daniel’s superb knowledge and craftsmanship with Case’s historic ability to manufacture excellent, hard-use knives. “For this series I work with someone from the military community to create a design reflecting the individual’s professional needs in cutlery,” Winkler informs. “Each Hero has full input in the design features, and I work with them closely, adding my 30-plus years’ experience in designing and making knives.”

“Once the design is worked out,” Dan notes, “Case and Winkler Knives work as a team and split the manufacturing — using both companies’ strengths, experience and reputation to create a knife or axe honoring the hero. The goal is to make a high-quality tool for the knife public that reflects the hero’s past and present. Honoring these men with this series is a small way we can pay them back for the sacrifices they have made so we can live and enjoy freedom here in the U.S.A.”