Time Passes

During my time with the gun I shot it about 600 rounds, give or take some, likely a bit more. I also loaned it out to two friends here who shot it “some” they both said. I didn’t really “clean” it other than wiping it down and squirting some oil into things now and again. I did take it apart once and sort of wiped the crud off, but I’m not sure it would have actually needed it to keep running. Modern ammo’s pretty clean shooting.

While a few glitches with any brand-new auto is pretty much normal I didn’t have that experience with the custom gun. I mostly ran good quality factory ammo during shooting, with just a few mags of crappy reloads, but even they ran fine too. The final score was 100 percent reliability — seeming the norm for well-built 9mm 1911 autos for some reason. It really makes you like a gun when it runs like that.

By the time I collected my thoughts here, the SR1911 Custom Shop gun and I were old buddies. It seemed, well … friendly, for lack of a better word. It’s pretty much lived on my desk since I got it and I found myself picking it up all the time to simply enjoy it. I have a torso-sized gong here outside my office door set at 82 yards. I’d go out, just about daily over the past couple of months, load a mag or two, and bing that gong pretty much 100 percent of the time. Sights on the target, press the great trigger and hear the clang. Call it no recoil too and an easy-to-run slide. It’s honestly great fun and I found myself smiling all the time.