Difference A Barrel Makes

I wanted to explore the ballistic differences between the P with its 4.4" barrel and the C2 with its 3.9" barrel. What difference would the 1/2" make? I set up a Competition Electronics ProChrono DLX 15 feet downrange and proceeded to launch strings of the four aforementioned ammo types from each pistol.

The P chalked up the following average shot string velocities: Federal HST, 1,153.3; Black Hills HoneyBadger, 1,200; Norma MHP, 1,157.3; and Syntech Action Pistol, 896 fps.

As expected, the C2 with its shorter barrel turned in lower average velocities: Federal HST, 1,111.7; Black Hills HoneyBadger, 1,169.3; Norma MHP, 1,110.3; and Syntech Action Pistol, 885 fps.

To spare you the math, the ballpark “average” is about a 40-fps difference between the two except for the Action Pistol load that seemed less sensitive to barrel length.